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Fantasy Covers: 2006

By The Staff | 18 December 2006

Whoa. Let’s briefly recap: we had an idea (get some of our favorite up-and-comers to cover songs from 2006 as part of our year-end coverage), we acted on it (did a lot of e-mailing/begging), and for some reason a bunch of swell artists obliged. Our champagne corks started popping around the time Cadence Weapon’s sick remake of “Mini TVs” fell into our clutches on Sunday. Then, in true rock & roll spirit, Ladyhawk said “fuck instructions” and turned in a cover from 1999, but we were feeling so good, and the cover itself was so good, how could we abstain?

It’s tempting to run a paragraph touching on the details of these tracks and then trying to describe how giddy each of them makes us feel, how much we love what these artists have done with these songs, how humbled and honored we are that they would take the time to respond to our niggles and nags and passive-aggressive demands by giving us reinvention as pure art, and that they would make possible for the Glow’s little band of critics a chance to give a legitimate something to the music canon and to the parts of our readers who are just listeners. It’s tempting to go into all that, but look how long the first sentence would be! And you all have some listening to get to. So, let us letterers gladly step out of the way.

A huge thanks to all the artists you’ll find below, to the labels and label people that helped where the connections had yet to be forged, to cheap recording programs, and to Cokemachineglow’s Mom for always being there. Also, a respectful and grateful moment of silence for the long list of artists who had semi-committed to this enterprise but couldn’t quite make the harsh deadline (including Joey Beats, Foundry Field Recordings, Devin Davis, the Pipettes, Bishop Allen, Final Fantasy, Menomena, and many more). Don’t worry. There’s always next year.

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1. Emperor X f/ masked Mexican wrestlers: “The Saints Are Coming”

  • (0:01 – 2:10)
  • Video
  • originally by the Skids, based on the cover by U2/Green Day, from The Saints Are Coming (Mercury; 2006)

2. Shugo Tokumaru: “Young Folks”

  • (2:11 – 6:39)
  • originally by Peter Bjorn and John; from Writer’s Block (Wichita/V2)

3. Ned Collette: “Hours”

  • (6:40 – 10:40)
  • originally by TV On the Radio; from Return to Cookie Mountain (4AD)

4. David Thomas Broughton: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”

  • (10:41 – 14:58)
  • originally by Scissor Sisters; from Ta Dah (Universal/Motown)

5. Rock Plaza Central: “SexyBack”

  • (14:49 – 18:32)
  • originally by Justin Timberlake; from FutureSexLoveSounds (Jive)

6. SJ Esau: “Crazy”

  • (18:33 – 22:13)
  • originally by Gnarls Barkley; from St. Elsewhere (Downtown)

7. Monster Bobby: “All Time Love”

  • (22:14 – 24:07)
  • originally by Will Young; from Keep On (BMG)

8. Cadence Weapon: “Mini TVs Too”

  • (24:08 – 26:49)
  • originally by Chad VanGaalen; from Skelliconnection (Flemish Eye/Sub Pop)

9. The Red Giants feat. Che Grand: “Stay Away (Be Easy)”

  • (26:50 – 30:00)
  • originally by Ghostface Killah; from Fishscale (Def Jam)

10. Flying Lotus: “Bossy (Remix)”

  • (30:01- 33:12)
  • originally by Kelis; from Kelis Was Here (Jive)

11. Benoit Pioulard: “The Seedling”

  • (33:13 – 36:54)
  • originally by Bonnie “Prince” Billy; from The Letting Go (Drag City)

12. Ladyhawk: “Blessed Salt Lake”

  • (36:55 – 39:30)
  • originally by Joel Phelps; from Blackbird (Pacifico; 1999)

13. Shotgun & Jaybird: “Sing Me 2 Sleep”

  • (39:31 – 43:41)
  • originally by Chad VanGaalen; from Skelliconnection (Flemish Eye/Sub Pop)

14. Shugo Tokumaru: “To Go Home”

  • (43:42 – 46:12)
  • originally by Daniel Johnston, based on the cover by M. Ward; from Post-War (Merge)

15. David Thomas Broughton: “The Greatest”

  • (46:13 – 54:28)
  • originally by Cat Power; from The Greatest (Matador)