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By Aaron Newell | 1 November 2005

There’s almost two full CD’s of great free stuff just below. It’s pretty darn foolish of you to be reading this right now, isn’t it.

Although: the Man Man, Emperor X, and David Thomas Broughton songs are new and exclusive (for now). Just wanted to sneak that in. And the New Buffalo track is amazing, and only available on her Australia-only EP via Remote Control Records, Melbourne. And the Shugo song is new, and only available in Japan (for now). And Diane Cluck sings the most gorgeous harmonies. And Oxford Collapse are hyperactive and huge. And the Mt. Eerie song is from 7 New Songs which is out of print. And Chad VanGaalen deserves better than simple Neil Young comparisons. And we don’t hear enough about Jamie Lidell. And Scott Matelic and Joe Beats got drums. And Sodastream make beautiful backyard porch music. And Field Music are the most grossly underrated band of this year. And Devin Davis apologizes for not getting any new stuff to us in time for the podcast, but that’s ok because his album is really fucking good, too. Stop reading this. Here:

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1. Akron/Family: "Future Myth"

  • (0:01 – 8:08)
  • from Akron/Family & Angels of Light, out now on Young God.

2. Oxford Collapse: "Prop Cars"

  • (8:09 – 11:09)
  • from A Good Ground, out now on Kanine.

3. Emperor X: "Petroleum Caliphate + Adison"

  • (11:10 – 16:14)
  • from his upcoming release Dirt Dealership, out some time in the future on Discos Mariscos.

4. Broadcast: "America’s Boy"

  • (16:15 – 19:47)
  • from Tender Buttons, out now on Warp.

5. Menomena: "Water (break)"

  • (19:48 – 20:59)
  • from Under An Hour, out now on FilmGuerrero.

6. Mount Eerie: "Wooly Mammoth"

  • (21:00 – 25:43)
  • from the out of print Department of Safety release Seven New Songs of Mount Eerie.

7. Voxtrot: "Wrecking Force"

  • (25:44 – 30:26)
  • from Raised by Wolves, out now on Cult Hero.

8. New Buffalo: "Trigger"

9. Man Man: "Van Helsing Boombox"

  • (34:21 – 37:59)
  • from the upcoming release Six Demon Bag, out now on Ace Fu.

10. Emperor X: "Long Island Dirty Dealership"

  • (38:00 – 40:36)
  • from the upcoming release Dirt Dealership, once again out some time in the future on Discos Mariscos.

11. Chad VanGaalen: "Traffic"

  • (40:37 – 43:24)
  • from Infiniheart, out now on Sub Pop.

12. Jamie Lidell: "Multiply"

  • (43:25 – 47:43)
  • from Multiply, out now on Warp.

13. Joey Beats (w/ Jason Molina): "Coxcomb Red (Remix)"

  • (47:44 – 51:27)
  • from Indie Rock Blues, available now at JoeyBeats.com.