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By Scott Reid | 29 June 2011

Well, phew. After almost exactly six years of podcasting here at CMG (our Peter Hepburn-hosted inaugural ‘cast went up in August of ’05), we’re finally about to hit #100. Sure, it’s a bit of an arbitrary milestone—especially since technically we already toppled it a while back if you factor in NBHcasts, Scenecasts, Guestcasts, Fantasy Covers comps, that one time Ponytail curated a mix for us with a bunch of older songs that we couldn’t possibly clear the rights for*, etc.—but fuck it: let’s celebrate!

And by “celebrate!” I mean blasting two straight hip-hop-centric podcasts from your home stereos/iPods/cars/smart phones/tablets/office computers/company PA systems/oversized ’80s boomboxes/really oversized ’80s boomboxes. Whatever you can manage to play them on, just keep this shit on a loop and at an obnoxious volume—that’s how we’ll be marking this special occasion for the next few weeks at the CMG mansion, anyway.

Also, speaking of great hip-hop and the number 100: if, like us, you’re a fan of Pharoahe Monch and also free signed vinyls, we’ve got some good news. Earbits Radio is giving away a hundred free autographed copies of Monch’s _W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), a track from which you can hear in the latter half of this podcast. More info in this video clip:

So, with much love to all of the artists and labels involved, enjoy making sure everyone within a hundred feet of you hears this podcast as you nab one of those Monch-signed vinyls:

(* We’re in the process of bringing back that Ponytail Guestcast/interview in the next few weeks. But, on account of not being able to legally clear most of the songs, it’ll be stream-only via our Guestcast section and Mixcloud page. Let’s, uh, just hope Brian Eno doesn’t have a litigious trigger finger when it comes to free streaming podcasts.)

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. Shabazz Palaces: “Swerve the Reeping of All that is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)”

2. Curren$y: “She Don’t Want a Man”

3. Samiyam: “Bricks”

4. Killer Mike: “Swimming”

5. Main Attrakionz: “I’m Back’”

6. Vanilla: “C’mon”/“Way We Were”

7. The Weeknd: “Birds (Part 1)”

8. Clams Casino: “Brainwash by London”

9. SUBTRKT: “Right Thing to Do”

  • (25:31 – 28:37)
  • from SUBTRKT (Young Turks; 2011)
  • sbtrkt.com

10. Vast Aire: “Thor’s Hammer (f/ Raekwon & Vordul Mega)”

11. Random Axe: “Everybody Nobody Somebody”

12. Elzhi: “Halftime”

  • (35:42 – 37:51)
  • from ELmatic (Self-released; 2011)
  • elzhi.com

12.5. Fashawn: “Making It [excerpt]”

13. Pharoahe Monch: “Clap (One Day)”

14. Company Flow: “N2N Burners Remix”

15. Big K.R.I.T.: “The Vent”

Cover art source: http://thepaperbutton.blogspot.com