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By Scott Reid | 10 May 2011

With thanks to all of the artists and labels involved, CMG podcast #96 is dedicated to the less than two weeks some of us—the lucky ones—have left on this earth. Yup: as it turns out, and this seems like something we should’ve already known, next Saturday is Judgment Day! At least according to this perfectly level-headed fellow, and he’s got both the Bible and math on his side. So, shit, I hope your plans this May 24 long weekend involve either being hand-picked to rise to the heavens by the Almighty himself, or, um, writhing in a Left Behind-esque apocalyptic hellscape until the world mercifully ends in October. Either way, maybe pick up your booze beforehand.

Just so we’re clear, in ~10 days you’re either facing this:

Hugs and gigantic doves for all!

…or, more likely, since God almost certainly frowns on what you’ve been doing on the internet lately (He can see all browser histories, surely), this:

Even worse? Not a single marshmallow in sight.

You’re probably a little concerned right now, but relax: this podcast, the first part of a “surprise, it’s the end” twofer, will serve as a great soundtrack to either scenario. Especially so in the case of the latter, where bloody screams will blend awesomely into that Shabazz Palaces beat, and 13 & God’s blatant omission of “God” on their track is going to sound strangely prophetic.

Check back again next week for part two. Until then, enjoy wondering which sin specifically is going to leave you wallowing, hug- and dove-less, in an unrelenting lake of fire:

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1. Shabazz Palaces: “an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum”

2. Purity Ring: “Lofticries”

3. 13 & God: “Janu Are”

4. Laurel Halo: “Aquifer”

  • (10:25 – 15:25)
  • from Hour Logic (Hippos in Tanks; 2011)
  • laurelhalo.com

5. Teebs: “Pretty Polly”

6. Pharaohe Monch: “Haile Selassie Karate (f/ Mr. Porter)”

7. Harmonics: “Let Me Go”

  • (19:50 – 23:05)
  • from VA / Local Customs: Burned at Boddie (Honest Jon’s; 2011)
  • honestjons.com

7.5. Ford & Lopatin: “Scumsoft”

8. Big K.R.I.T.: “R4 Theme Song”

9. Curren$y: “#JetsGo”

10. MondreM.A.N.: “Time Moves”

11. Nicolas Jaar: “Specters of the Future”

12. Kenton Slash Demon: “Daemon”

12.5. Ford & Lopatin: “Rock Center Paranoia”

13. Joy Orbison: “Ladywell”

14. Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services: “Recrypt”

Cover art source: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/S0wFbSjDIxK-LRwyh9gRGA