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By Scott Reid | 20 May 2011

Well, this is it. With thanks again to all of the artists and labels involved (you’ll be missed), enjoy this podcast—the second part of CMG’s soundtrack to a great Judgment Day—while you can. For some of us, that means only until this shit goes down for real on Saturday:

And if that movie, with its totally realistic characters, made one thing crystal clear about what we’re about to experience it’s this: only those who piss off the Almighty, which as it turns out is really easy to do if you have a wimpy nose-piercing and/or an affinity for rock music (in which case, the first half of this podcast is going to be a treat), will remain in this world post-rapture. Just us heathens and piles upon piles of clothes. Another important lesson learned from Left Behind: apparently God, like Steve Albini, hates fashion.

True, all of this means we’ve only got until October until the real end of the world, which is a bummer (Kirk Cameron had promised seven years of suffering, not five months, which seems a little more fair). But there’s at least a silver lining to be had for those of us who will be…[dun-dun-dunhhh] left behind: when the CMG podcast returns in a couple of weeks, hellfire or no hellfire, you’ll be able to listen using whatever Internet-connected devices are capable of surviving end times. Expect some ambient and post-rock, especially if things get apocalyptic-y right away.

For the “lucky” chosen ones chilling out naked in heaven, well, sorry. This’ll be the last new CMG podcast you’ll ever hear. Enjoy it anyway, I guess:

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1. Chad VanGaalen: “Peace on the Rise”

2. Psychedelic Horseshit: “Puff”/“Time of Day”

3. Foxes in Fiction: “Bathurst”

4. Long Long Long: “You’ll Not Guess Who I Met in Minnesota”

5. Julianna Barwick: “Bob in Your Hair”

6. Ponytail: “Music Tunes”

7. Deerhoof: “Must Fight Current”

8. Micachu & the Shapes f/ London Sinfonietta: “Low Dogg”

9. Gangol & Mit: “The Burial”

10. Thao & Mirah: “Eleven (f/ tUnE-yArDs)”

11. Cat’s Eyes: “Bandit”

12. Miracle Fortress: “Awe”

13. d’Eon: “Transparency (How to Dress Well remix)”

Cover art source: http://art-post.net/page-31.html