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By David Greenwald | 1 March 2006

It’s not easy compiling the CMG podcast. But luckily the Glow has a few friends in high places, and so David “Boogz” Greenwald’s March edition had just about every song he wanted. You can thank the fine folks who helped him put it together at their Web sites—or you can just enjoy the music. Boogz promises it’s not all indie-pop.

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1. The Clientele: “Since K Got Over Me”

2. Sea Snakes: “A Pall Bearer’s Calendar”

3. Maritime: “Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts”

4. Ancient Greeks: “Lay-Up”

5. AK-MOMO: “Return To N.Y.”

6. Aloha: “Your Eyes”

7. Phil: “Left Coast”

  • (25:10 – 30:08)
  • from Whatever Happened To Your Loving Heart, out on Achord Records

8. Castle Oldchair: “Circles”

9. Rocky Votolato: “White Daisy Passing”

10. The Brokedown: “Sparks”

11. Centro-matic: “Calling Thermatico”

12. Dean Drouillard: “4 a.m.”

13. Lewis & Clarke: “Bare Bones & Branches”

14. Mount Eerie: “As Good As I Could Possibly Imagine”

  • (54:21 – 56:09)
  • from 11.16.03 Kerkchoff Grand Salon, live recording

15. Sounds Like Fall: “Ugly World”

16. The Softies: “Me and the Bees”

  • (58:29 – 61:40)
  • from Holiday In Rhode Island, out on K Records

17. Liam Singer: “One Day”

  • (61:41 – 66:03)
  • from The Empty Heart of the Chameleon, out on Tell-All Records