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By Christopher Alexander | 1 April 2006

Last summer I turned twenty-five. This seems kind of old to me, doubtless because I’ve never been that old before, so I wrote a list of things I thought disproved my age. Example: “Twenty-five! I can’t be twenty-five! I still leave the milk out on the counter, for fuck’s sake!” As I wrote the list it appeared to me that they all had something to do with my chronic diorganization: my room is a disaster, I’m late with my deadlines, I keep forgetting to carry the one when I balance my checkbook, resulting in frantic moments of imagined poverty and two hours to find what I did with it.

At some point I was supposed to tie that in with the tardiness of this podcast, and why you should share my view that the remarkable thing isn’t how late it is but rather that it got done at all. But I just took a sleeping pill and really don’t feel like it anymore. Considering how much disapprobation and contumely I’ve given new music (and yes I have been wanting to use contumely in a sentence, it’s funny to say, say it with me: conTOOmuh’lee. Sounds like a seasoning in a southern kitchen), I thought it fitting to do this (er, last) month’s podcast to prove that there’s a lot of good things to the year as well. I swear nothing should be read into either its comparative brevity or delinquency, other than the good old fashioned incompetence of its curator (this author, not the website, its editors or any other staffmembers). Enjoy.

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1. The Fiery Furnaces: “Waiting to Know You”

  • (0:01 – 3:59)
  • from Bitter Tea, out on Fat Possum

2. The Mendoza Line: “Catch a Collapsing Star”

  • (4:00 – 7:55)
  • from Full of Light & Full of Fire, out on Misra

3. Belle & Sebastian: “Another Sunny Day”

  • (7:56 – 11:54)
  • from The Life Pursuit, out on Matador

4. The Gossip: “Standing in the Way of Control”

  • (11:55 – 16:10)
  • from Standing in the Way of Control, out on Kill Rock Stars

5. The Black Angels: “Sniper at the Gates of Heaven”

6. Neko Case: “Star Witness”

  • (20:20 – 25:32)
  • from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood, out on Mint/Anti-

7. Quasi: “The Rhino”

  • (25:33 – 28:02)
  • from When the Going Gets Dark, out on Touch & Go

8. Band of Horses: “The Funeral”

  • (28:03 – 33:19)
  • from Everything All of the Time, out on Sub Pop

9. The Old Haunts: “Wasted Day”

10. Tarkio: “Tristan And Iseult”

11. Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice: “Don’t Love the Liar”

  • (42:49 – 44:14)
  • from Gypsy Freedom, out on 5RC

12. Calexico: “Cruel”

13. Norfolk & Western: “A Gilded Age”

  • (48:13 – 51:34)
  • from A Gilded Age, out on Hush

14. Mogwai: “Folk Death ’95”

  • (51:35 – 54:56)
  • from Mr. Beast, out on Matador

15. Tapes ‘n Tapes: “In Houston”

  • (54:57 – 59:02)
  • from The Loon, out on Ibid