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By Chet Betz | 1 September 2006

I hope my podcasts reflect my listening habits. I frown on music gluttony. In order to properly digest good music and thus validate the whole reason for listening to good music, sometimes one has to focus on the stuff they love, unfortunately to the exclusion of a lot of other good music. Furthermore, I like the number 13 and have resolved that all my podcasts on CMG will be 13 tracks long; I rock the arbitrary. Plus, I’m just not down with long mixes. Try to keep that shit tight, son. Though this is a comp of tracks by different artists, I’m an “Album” man, so with all my mixes I try to stitch together a flow and logic. A logic that might only make sense to me, but pretend it’s there. Granted, “The Mercury Craze” (inevitably) sticks out a little too much on this playlist, but I absolutely refuse to leave out a Subtle song when monumental _For Hero: For Fool is just around the river bend. Finally, I’m of the religious conviction that podcasts need GZA cameos. 2 for 2, baby. To all the labels and artists represented, you’re far too kind.

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1. Velella Velella: “Hey Cuz”

2. Blueprint: “It’s Like That”

3. Juggaknots: “New $$$”

*4. Subtle: “The Mercury Craze”

  • (8:29 – 13:07)
  • from For Hero : For Fool, out now on Lex

*5. Red Giants: "Illustrious Brothers "

  • (13:08 – 16:36)
  • from The Red Giants, out now on Rip Smash

*6. Masta Killa: “Street Corner”

  • (16:37 – 20:45)
  • from Made in Brooklyn, out now on Nature Sounds

*7. Scienz of Life: “Still Standing”

  • (20:46 – 23:52)
  • from The Blaxploitation Sessions, out now on Shaman Work

8. Flying Lotus: “1983”

9. Niobe: “Up Hill and Down Dale”

  • (29:00 – 32:59)
  • from White Hats, out now on TomLab

*10. OOIOO: “uma”

*11. Anchors for Architects: “Great Ships”

  • (36:36 – 39:34)
  • from Dirty Settlements, out now on Papermade

12. Califone: “Spider’s House”

13. Chad VanGaalen: “Sing Me 2 Sleep”