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By Mark Abraham | 1 October 2006

So, a brief survey of some of the odd stuff I’ve been really enchanted by in the last few months. I’m pissed off at Chet because he took all the good hip hop, and also at Chet because he used a song from Taiga (my album of the year), and at Clay for using all the other good hip hop before that, so I’m also pissed that there is no hip hop in this mix, but otherwise I’m pretty okay with the variety—we got some house, and some prog, and some ambient, and some jazz, and some spazz, and some funk, and some wtf, and absolutely no indie rock—and also I’m thankful for the last minute Giddy Motors addition. Along with that, thanks to all labels and artists, and Elizabeth from DarkBlueWorld who cleared their whole album for me (hee!), and also thanks to Eric at Forced Exposure (one of the more comprehensive North American sources for non-North American shit) who cleared a few of these tracks for me, and if you aren’t down with Forced Exposure, or any of these labels or artists, you should be. Please enjoy this one.

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1. Fond of Tigers: “Here, You Are Hated”

  • (0:01 – 5:46)
  • from A Thing to Live With, out now on Drip Audio

2. Alexander Tucker: “You Are Many”

3. Susumu Yokota: “1000 Wing Beats Per Second”

4. Giddy Motors: “Panzrama”

5. Shout Out Out Out Out: “Chicken Soup for the Fuck You”

6. Humcrush: “Hornswoggle”

7. Xela: “Wet Bones”

  • (28:53 – 33:29)
  • from The Dead Sea, out now on Type Records

8. Luomo: “Really Don’t Mind”

9. DarkBlueWorld: “Turn It”

  • (41:23 – 47:56)
  • from Dark Blue World, out now on Drip Audio

10. Amanda Jo Williams: “All the Mountains”