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VI: Ottawa II (Going Gaga Edition)

By Calum Marsh & Ian Manhire | 29 June 2009

Photo from Ottawa Explosion!

Though I’ve already professed my adoration for Ian Manhire’s nearly profound all-local music festival Gaga Weekend, no abundance of astute observations or witty commentary can stand in for actually hearing Ottawan garage rock for yourself. It just so happens that in celebration of the weekend’s second successful iteration, the festival’s related record label, sensibly titled Going Gaga Records, released a scene-hyping compilation LP featuring previously unreleased material from fifteen of the festival’s performers. Manhire, extravagant as always, deigned to make the comp a vinyl exclusive—and what a pretty little record the physical product is—but has been so generous as to allow CMG to stream the entire compilation here as the second Ottawa scenecast. And so you’re invited to close your eyes and imagine a lighthearted romp through authentic Ottawan punk rock territory: enjoy garage on Parliament hill, girl groups along the Rideau canal, power pop on overpriced public transit, and noise rock when it’s really fucking cold. Oh, and if you like the sounds of our humble capital city, I implore you to get in touch with Gaga and order the tangible thing for yourself—bringing the rock in a government town ain’t cheap.

Download mp3 (160kbps)


1. Beach Blankets: “Greatest Hit”

2. Visitors: “Saturday Night”

3. Sedatives: “Teenage Runaway”

4. Mother’s Children: “Breaking and Entering”

5. Botched Suicides: “Nuthouse Inn”

6. the band whose name is a symbol: “NST

  • (9:26 – 12:41)

7. Million Dollar Marxists: “Cut Up”

8. Suppositories: “Wires MKII

9. Creeps: “It’s Not Right”

10. Felines: “Dance With Me”

11. Savage Crimes: “Crawling Around”

12. Fucking Machines: “Cowboy Souffle”

13. Holy Cobras: “Enter Man Man”

14. White Wires: “Let It Go”

15. Uranium Comeback: “Walk You Home”