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Fantasy Covers: 2007

By The Staff | 24 December 2007

You have slugged through some shit to get here. You have endured late updates, missing updates, broken promises, hurt feelings. You have listened to us snicker at our own potty humor. You have looked past our inability to like LCD Soundsystem (or anything else). If you are a musician, you have read in rapt disbelief as we expound for a thousand words on our problems before we even address your music, which we then probably give something in the high-60s. If you are Radiohead or M.I.A., you have done so twice. If you are the Pharcyde, you have argued with Chet Betz. If you are our MySpace friend, you probably have, too. You have voted for us in the Plug Awards. You have been hit on by Craig Eley (probably). You have been generous to our Hatebag. You have allowed your toddler children to listen to Battles because of us, to encourage them to make up lyrics for “Atlas” that prominently involve meatloaf. You have let Mark use an umlaut on several occasions. You have acknowledged that we are mostly dicks and continue to let us be. Thanks.

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1. Lackthereof (Danny Seim from Menomena): “Fake Empire”

2. The Hood Internet: “Poppin’ Lockin’ & Droppin’ in O Seven”

  • (2:27 – 5:44)
  • vocal track from “Pop, Lock & Drop It (Remix)” by Huey feat. Bow Wow & T-Pain, from Notebook Paper (Hitz Committee/Jive/Zomba); Backing track features samples from: the White Stripes, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Yeasayer, Andrew Bird, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Simian Mobile Disco, Modest Mouse, Chromatics, Feist, Jens Lekman, Spoon, Battles, Calvin Harris, Air, Professor Murder, Les Savy Fav, Digitalism, Aesop Rock, Huey, Shop Boyz, and Soulja Boy
  • Official website
  • Myspace

3. Marissa Nadler feat. Black Hole Infinity: “Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed)”

4. Chris & Mollie: “House of the Sweet Escape”

  • (8:12 – 13:01)
  • originally by Radiohead (“House of Cards”), from In Rainbows (Self-released), and Gwen Stefani (“The Sweet Escape”), from The Sweet Escape (Interscope)
  • Official website
  • Myspace

5. The Blacks: “Back to Black”

6. Deer Tick: “Beautiful Girls”

7. The Main Drag: “All My Friends”

8. Roommate: “This Ain’t a Scene It’s a Goddamned Arms Race”

9. Valet: “Rainbow”

  • (34:24 – 39:25)
  • originally by Boris & Michio Kurihara, from Rainbow (Drag City)
  • Myspace

10. Fog: “Dum Dum”

11. HILOTRONS: “If The Creeks Don’t Rise”

12. Castanets: “Ashamed”

  • (45:56 – 48:50)
  • originally by Deer Tick, from War Elephant (Feow!)
  • Myspace

Huge, huge thanks to every musician tangentially involved in this podcast. You are hereby guaranteed good reviews forever.