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Fantasy Covers: 2008

By The Staff | 22 December 2008

Once again—as it has been since inception in 2006, us wide-eyed with jaws agape at the realization that, yes, apparently our favourite bands would make our year-end fantasies of pop covers come true—this is for you. Fans and casual readers alike, PR reps, significant and not-so-significant others, bands who we wished dearly would contribute this year but then couldn’t, blow-hard big-hearted bosses, bloggers, fellow music zines, those of you stumbling upon this page after googling for porn with the word “fantasy” in it, mom, members of our Facebook and Myspace groups (roll on up), well-wishers, the guy sitting behind me on the bus last week who was listening to “A Milli” so loud half of us were nodding along, and our extensive team of lawyers working day and night to keep Coke, machines, corporate glow, and Gord Downie at bay. You’re worth every cent we can’t pay you.

This podcast is also (if not especially) for our detractors—those perpetual naysayers, saying nay in a steady knee-jerk stream of negative drips: “CMG writers are incredibly pretentious and arrogant”; “OMG they said River’s dick grew a dick, gross!”; “they used to be good but now it sucks, fuck those guys”; “Dom Sinacola, Dom Sinacola”; “OMG did you read that Fleet Foxes review OMG what assholes.” We get it: OMG, we’re assholes.

But that’s ok by us. Because once a year we’re assholes with a phenomenal Fantasy Podcast, almost 50 minutes of exclusive music that everyone—even the most unwavering of haters, bless you all—can embrace. Regardless of your stance on us, our involvement here was minimal, mere conduits of awesome. We dare you to not love the shit out of this. And, when you most certainly do, you can join us in thanking the artists involved for making it possible—all, I’ll stress again, for you. Enjoy.

Download mp3 (192kbps)


1. Wye Oak: “Death Paver”

2. The Marches: “Cold Shoulder”

3. Pale Young Gentlemen: “Paper Planes”

4. Mason Proper: “Get Innocuous!/Love Lockdown”

5. Happy Band of Japan: “No Air”

6. Stars Like Fleas: “When I Grow Up”

7. Mirrorkicks: “Bleeding Love”

8. Laura Barrett: “Gamma Ray”

9. Videotape: “The Python”

10. Dirt Dress: “Electric Feel”

11. Noah23: “Canadian Dollars (A Milli)”

12. Roommate: “Lights Out”

13. AGF: “Disturbia”