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Fantasy Covers: The 2000s Part Two

By The Staff | 14 April 2010

Well, shit—here we are, seven weeks after unveiling the first half of this behemoth Fantasy Covers podcast, our Top 100 Albums of the 2000s feature now freshly behind us. This podcast, the last part of our look back at the decade, is a closing ceremony of sorts—except instead of, say, giant inflatable beavers and prancing lumberjacks, we’re celebrating with another plump playlist of covers by some our favorite artists and most talented readers.

A few quick notes: 1) Speaking of talented readers, that really was a hell of a Fantasy Covers Contest—no less than seven (!) submissions ended up on these two podcasts. We’d like to thank everyone who contributed (the amount and quality of songs was tremendous), and we’ll definitely be holding more contests like that in the future. 2) The intro features a series of short samples from Around the World with Henry Jacobs: More Notes From the Underground—a project that sound artist Henry Jacobs had abandoned in the 1950s, and is being released this month on Important Records. Lastly, 3) David Thomas Broughton’s haunting cover of Antony & the Johnsons’ “Hope There’s Someone” has been shortened for the sake of not pushing the podcast over the 70 minute mark. But the full version, as well as a bonus cover of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” are free to download:

David Thomas Broughton * “Hope There’s Someone (full version)”
David Thomas Broughton * “Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis cover)”

…that’s about it, really. It’d be impossible to explain just how thrilled we are that these two hours’ worth of covers, recorded in at least six countries in the span of roughly seven months, all completely independent of each other, came together this well. And without much effort on our part either, to be honest, besides initially asking for songs and then sitting in awe as 29 of them slowly trickled in—one after the other leaving us giddy, vicariously proud, certain that our readers would love this shit as much as we do. So let’s get right to it: with much love and gratitude to everyone who contributed time and effort to make this Double Fantasy Covers podcast what it is, enjoy:


Download mp3 (320kbps)


1. Azeda Booth: “Bridges and Balloons”

2. Max Tundra: “Digital Love”

3. Animal Hospital: “You Came to Me”

4. Roommate: “The Country With a Smile”

5. Sharon Van Etten f/ Jeffrey Kish: “Flirted With You All My Life”

6. The Main Drag: “Whatcha Looking For? (Hide & Seek)”

7. Or, the Whale: “Toxic”

8. Daniel Zott: “Low”

9. Memoryhouse: “Foreground”

10. The Marches: “Black Swan”

11. Phil Nelson: “Ignition (Remix)”

12. Hamilton Trading Company: “Wake Up”

13. David Thomas Broughton: “Hope There’s Someone (edit)”

14. Grooms: “Bloodflow”