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No Big Hair 2011

By The Staff | 18 December 2011

For those new to the site and scratching their head over this “No Big Hair” thing, for probably good reasons not getting a nearly two-decade old Pavement reference: our No Big Hair (NBH) section features great new-ish artists who are for the most part unsigned or on smaller indie labels. 2011 was a particularly strong year for the section (you can check out why here and here), with so much more than any single 71-minute podcast can cover, and what you’ll hear below is by no means a “best of.” It is a mighty 71 minutes of music, though, and as good an introduction as any to some of the best lesser-known artists that didn’t make our year-end list:

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1. Bird World: “Swamp”

2. Thunder & Lightning: “Richard Nixon”

3. Kris Ellestad: “The Secret”

4. Little Jungles: “Drive Yerself Crazy”

5. Apache Dropout: “Sam Phillips Rising”

6. Long Long Long: “Take Time”

7. Feel Alright: “Oahu Ohio”

8. Rich Aucoin: “Undead Pt. 2”

  • (23:00 – 25:50)
  • from We’re All Dying to Live (Sonic; 2011)
  • richaucoin.ca

9. Dream Jefferson: “Purple Hearts”

10. Coma Cinema: “Her Sinking Sun (Foxes in Fiction remix)”

11. Dumbo Gets Mad: “Marmalade Kids”

12. Jessica Jalbert: “Paris Green”

13. Majical Cloudz: “Your Eyes”

14. New God: “MotorCar”

  • (46:20 – 48:49)
  • from MotorCar (RARC; 2011)
  • new-god.com

15. DGRS: “At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave a Hole in My Back”

16. Yohuna: “Mateo”

17. Computer at Sea: “Spiders in the Moat”

  • (57:52 – 61:21)
  • from Palace of the Lightbulbs (Self-released; 2011)
  • computeratsea.com

18. Conquering Animal Sound: “Maschine”

19. o F F: “brokenpartstogether”

20. New Animal: “Looking for the Sun”