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By Scott Reid | 3 February 2009

An hour’s worth of even more new(-ish) and unknown(-ish) music, including a band unfortunately named DD/MM/YYYY (their song is real good, but seriously), some fellow Newfies finally, ex-Man Man members who now sound like old Enon, more Halifax-area stuff because fuck it I live here, and a pop epic from Brent Randall who I’m awfully fond of because of songs like that but also because he looks a lot like my old man, and Noddy Holder, circa 1972:


Download mp3 (192kbps)


1. Ian M. Hale: “San Francisco”

2. Bosque Brown: “Went Walking”

3. Brent Randall & the Pinecones: “Strange Love (Don’t Be Lazy)”

4. The Marches: “So Ill”

5. Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees: “Not About To”

6. DD/MM/YYYY: “Birdtown”

7. Fol Chen: “The Believers”

  • (18:19 – 22:15)
  • from Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made (Asthmatic Kitty; 2009)
  • myspace.com/folchen

8. Whales & Cops: “Futuro Futuro”

9. The Bicycles: “Won’t She Be Surprised”

10. The Bruce Peninsula: “Steamroller”

11. The Human Soundtrack f/ Jenn Grant: “Babies Are the New Pursedogs”

12. Point Juncture, WA: “King Part 1”

13. Nodzzz: “Is She There?”

14. Nobunny: “Boneyard”

15. Eddy Current Suppression Ring: “Memory Lane”

16. The Memories Attack: “Collapso”/“Go!”

17. The Soundscapes: “High Noon in the Nuclear Era”

18. Brethren of the Free Spirit: “Into the Dust of the Earth (excerpt)”

19. Woodpigeon: “Knock Knock”

20. Anne Heaton: “Where Your Scar Is”