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No Big Hair 2013

By Scott Reid | 22 December 2013

Art: Michael Verbenec

That Josh Groban Noël CD at your parents place can officially fuck off as of right now. Sure, none of the songs on this podcast, these 18 under-the-radar and mostly self-released gems, have anything to do with holidays. Not even “kind of.” In fact, most are certain to confuse and/or, at the right volume, annoy your loved ones at this very special time of year. But what better way to bring everyone together than united against you and your portable speakers, wrapped around your waist like fanny packs, blasting SAINT PEPSI and the Cyrillic Typewriter at top volume, 24/7. (Or, uh, rock that shit to yourself in your dimly lit apartment as you try to make the best of a bad situation, whatever. This one’s for you, too.) You are welcome for the podcast and the idea.

You can also check out our Soundcloud Playlist of our Top 30 Albums of 2013 for another two-and-a-half hours of CMG-endorsed music, but, honestly, this should do the trick:

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1. Emily Reo: “Rainbow Road”

2. Courtney Barnett: “Avant Gardener”

3. Yohuna: “Apart”

4. Viet Cong: “Static Wall”

5. The Heavy Blinkers: “Perfect Tourists”

6. Torres: “Honey”

7. Tica Doulgas: “Saint”

8. Jumbling Towers: “I Don’t Feel the Same”

9. Noah23: “Deadly (f/ Left Leberra)”

10. The Range: “Hamiltonian”

11. SAINT PEPSI: “Together”

12. Zeroh: “Dis Joint”

13. Dan Friel: “Intermission 1” / “Intermission 3”

  • (41:23 – 42:36)
  • from Total Folklore (Thrill Jockey; 2013)
  • danfriel.com

14. Cousins: “Road”

15. Roberta Bondar: “Pleather Bed”

16. Lower Plenty: “Round and Round”

17. Julia Brown: “Library”

18. The Cyrillic Typewriter: “Somewhere”