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By Scott Reid | 7 June 2010

With thanks to all artists and labels involved, this newest of NBHcasts has got your early summer plans covered. No matter what’s in store—travel, beachcombing, Beachcombers (loop that intro on mute along to the entire podcast, Dark Side/Wizard of Oz style; shit’s uncanny), enjoying someone’s company “on the back of a flying space lion,” drinking, camping until someone is dragged off and/or devoured whole, dick all—enjoy:

Download mp3 (192kbps)


1. Dozens: “Lacuna”

2. Boomsnake: “Sticks Stones & Animal Bones”

3. J’envoie: “Caserne Centrale”

  • (6:53 – 11:20)
  • from La vitesse des chats sauvages (Self-released; 2010)
  • myspace.com/jenvoie

4. Beach Fossils: “Time”

5. Grimes: “Rosa”

6. PS I Love You: “Starfield”

7. Friendo: “Callers”

8. The Luyas: “Tiny Head”

9. Long, Long, Long: “Judy Chicago”

10. The Octagon: “Suicide Kings”

11. Eternal Summers: “Fall Straight Back”

12. Ghostkeeper: “By Morning”

13. Sean Nicholas Savage: “Crazy People”

14. Sharon Van Etten: “Love More”

15. Lille: “Straw”