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By Kaylen Hann | 24 April 2012

Occasionally, I operate under the impression that my brain can control the speed of time? Zoning out on airplanes and having internal conversations like, “Brain, we have twenty-five minutes ‘til the next bus. Speed this shit up.” Do you do that? Because I do that. And it’s a not-yet-mastered art of shotgunning into spring and then, at the right moment, slamming on the breaks to get the balmy summer months to blanket over as much of the year as I can. The weather isn’t a reliable indication; I have to look for the signs. I don’t know what your signs of summer are, but there was a moment this weekend, watching this dude in a taco costume breakdance to “Rack CIty” at 4am, that whispered (like the old monkey from The Lion King) into my brain: “It is time.”

What better bottle to break on the hull of my brain-turned-ship-metaphor, as it prepares to propel me summer-wards with such velocity, than a fresh sampling of exclusively found-on-bandcamp, No Big Hair bands. (Plus an Eternal Summers track, because that is just obviously apropos as fuck.) I mean, I have never really been to camp, but that doesn’t mean summer doesn’t still remind me of camp.

In short:

It’s almost summer, babies.
Go have fun at bandcamp.

(Mommy and daddy need some alone time.)

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1. Eternal Summers: “In the Beginning”

2. Quaker Parents: “Wrinkled Wrong”

3. Delusions: “Literalist”

4. Cousins & DUZHEKNEW: “Dice”

5. Hedgehog: “Heart on Fire”

6. Each Other: “Freak Heat”

7. Boneglow: “Guesswork”

8. Feel Alright: “Winter Goth”

9. Sheer Agony: “Goodbye Cream”

10. Plastic Flowers: “Civilized”

11. Rabbit Milk: “Sophie”

12. Pajama People: “Getaway”