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By Kaylen Hann | 20 October 2011

Whether grimacing through the frosty final days of winter or sweltering through the muggy, inner-bowels of summer, sitting in my bathtub with a lime popsicle and the shower turned on cold: the warmer (and much-too-warm) months have boded well for new music and I. Garage-band psych and surf rock, gauzily distorted dream-pop, synth-spangled mixes and remixes—the lot of them have served as a catalyst for inebriated beach-bumming, midnight pancake parties, and have fleshed out the most memorable (again, inebriated) events for yours truly. I have listened the shit out of these guys. So, while you get to sweatering it up, pulling out the funky-ass earmuffs and forlornly stashing your sunblock back in the medicine cabinet, enjoy slathering on a choice sampling of this year’s No Big Hair finds.

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1. Vacation Dad: “I’ll Always Find You”

2. New Animal: “Nightmares of Candy Yang & the Black Italian”

3. Orval Carlos Sibelius: “I Don’t Want a Baby”

4. Algodon Egipcio: “Weird Feelings (Male Bonding cover)”

5. Yalls: “Runs in the Family”

6. Summer Hearts: “Who Said Time Was All We Had”

7. Hunters: “Melting”

8. Saskatchewan: “Dreamboat”

9. Radiator Girls: “Eerie Body”

10. We Don’t Surf: “Surf’s Up”

11. Bikini: “R.I.P. (Grimes remix)”

12. Blouse: “Into Black”

13. Girl Unit: “Wut”

  • (44:15 – 51:13)
  • Single (Night Slugs; 2011)

14. Tearjerker: “Best”

  • (51:14 – 55:29)
  • from Strangers (Sore Thumb; 2011)

15. Sunglitters: “There (Stumbleine remix)”

16. Blackhawks: “More Rainbows (Spacemen 3 cover)”