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By Scott Reid | 18 September 2014

Art: Laura Berger, Windows

Consider this CMGcast, our 146th overall and probably 140th that could be described as “sounding best in autumn” (and boy does this one get chilly quick), a preemptive thank you for helping us with a new project. Well, not so much “new,” I guess—if you’re been following our site for a while, you probably know about our Fantasy Covers Podcasts, where we approach some of our favorite artists to record covers of songs following a certain theme. We kicked off the series in 2006 with pop songs from that year, then eventually branched off into entire decades’ worth of material, most recently with the 1980s.

Which brings us to your part in all of this. After a nearly two year break, we’re planning another for 2015—and like with our Fantasy Contest in 2011, we’re looking to you for both concept ideas and, eventually, cover submissions, the best of which we’ll use alongside whichever artists we can once again browbeat into doing us a solid. First up, though, please enjoy this podcast while you let us know in the comments below what theme—another decade, or specific genre, some combination of those, or maybe just extremely broad guidelines (our last winning reader concept was basically “be creative”), etc.—you’d want to hear the most:

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1. Pharmakon: “Body Betrays Itself”

2. Noveller: “Fighting Sleep”

3. EMA: “Drown”

4. Ben Frost: “Flex”

5. Copeland: “Advice to Young Girls (w/ Actress)”

6. Ian William Craig: “On the Reach of Explanations” / “Torsion Self”

7. Jenny Hval & Susanna: “O Sun O Medusa”

8. Zammuto: “Good Graces”

9. Hundred Waters: “Innocent [outro clip]” / “Murmur”

10. Blonde Redhead: “No More Honey”

11. Deerhoof: “Exit Only”

  • (33:23 – 36:06)
  • from La Isla Bonita (Polyvinyl; 2014)
  • deerhoof.net

12. Jennifer Castle: “Nature”

13. Alvvays: “Dives”

  • (39:11 – 42:03)
  • from Alvvays (Polyvinyl/Transgressive; 2014)
  • alvvays.com

14. nima: “Safe Haven”