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By Scott Reid | 31 January 2014

Art: MK Everyday / Sarah Dinu

Our first CMGcast of 2014, #138 was supposed to be our upbeat and at least somewhat uplifting ode to the new year—a 45-minute reassuring hug, of sorts, for those of us in the middle of an especially brutal winter. That…never really panned out beyond a couple of songs; especially as eastern Canada got even more miserable as the month went on, the playlist shifted from consolation to “fuck it, here’s some stuff that sounds ominous while trekking around a frigid, exhausted city in the aftermath of a storm.” Does the trick for Halifax right now, anyway.

This podcast is also dedicated to our continued search for new writers—you can find more info on that by clicking here and scrolling down a little. But first, enjoy:

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1. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: “In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)”

2. The Notwist: “Close to the Glass”

  • (4:59 – 7:56)
  • from Close to the Glass (Sub Pop; 2014)
  • notwist.com

3. SAINT PEPSI: “Mr. Wonderful”

4. Mssingno: “Xe3”

5. Paavoharju: “Penuel”

6. Clams Casino: “Freeze”

7. Shackleton: “White Flower with Silvery Eye”

8. Marissa Nadler: “Dead City Emily”

9. Hospitality: “Inauguration”

10. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Memory Vague”

  • (31:01 – 35:35)
  • from Memory Vague / The Fall Into Time (Root Strata; 2009 / Software; 2013)
  • pointnever.com

11. Holly Herndon: “Chorus”

12. Lau Nau: “Valolle”

  • (41:21 – 45:43)
  • from Valohiukkanen (Fonal; 2012)
  • launau.com