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By Scott Reid | 10 December 2012

Art: Helena Almeida, A Casa 1981

Now that we no longer have DailyOps (RIP) to make announcements like these, CMGcast CXXIV is hereby dedicated to a very special year-end schedule.

- Starting tomorrow, December 12th, and running through next Wednesday, December 19th, we’ll be doing another round of Year-End Awards. New the site and/or the concept of “awards”? Check out almost twenty pages from previous years. You’ll…get the idea.

- Our Top 50 will start rolling out on Thursday, December 20th, and will wrap up on Friday, December 21st.

In the meantime, please enjoy this much darker than usual mix to both soundtrack your frigid December commutes and, uh, celebrate this joyous year-end season:

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1. Blue Hawaii: “In Two” / “In Two (Pt II)”

2. Andy Stott: “Sleepless”

3. Emika: “Double Edge (Pinch remix)”

4. .L.W.H.: “Pentagon Q&A (f/ Astrronomy)”

5. Flying Lotus: “Phantasm (f/ Laura Darlington)”

6. Demdike Stare: “Ishmael’s Intent”

7. Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin: “Whole Earth Tascam”

8. Raime: “Exist in the Realm of Practice”

9. Old Apparatus: “Zimmer”

10. Holly Herndon: “Control And” / “Interlude”

11. Emeralds: “Through & Through”

  • (45:49 – 49:59)
  • from Just to Feel Anything (Editions Mego; 2012)
  • editionsmego.com