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By Scott Reid | 24 September 2012

Art: Combination of pieces by Curtis Mann

Waiting impatiently for us to finally relaunch the site already, god damnit, and get back to updating more than once a month? Here’s something to relax those furrowed brows and aggressively crossed arms as you stare at the CMG homepage, day after day, waiting for something to happen: Podcast CXXII, the first of many mixes dedicated to autumn, undoubtedly the greatest and most aesthetically pleasing of all seasons for someone who listens to the kind of shit I do. Our last podcast until post-relaunch, CXXII is both a choked-up farewell to the old CMG and a giddy celebration of what’s to come.

And, uh, when exactly is all that newness coming? Very soon. “Within the next few weeks” soon, not, like, “fall-ish probably”; think “new Robert Pollard album” soon, not “new Avalanches album” soon. It will be an evolving relaunch, in that we will be tweaking and adding parts of the new CMG in the next while, leading up to what will be the last of our usual year-end festivities. So, yes, we’re absolutely still doing Awards and a Top 50 list in December, but after that we’ll be approaching year-end features much differently.

Throughout this process, we’re still very much looking for new writers. For now, consider this mix a thank you for your patience, and as pummeling-slash-gorgeous a way as any for us to collectively say goodbye to the old CMG. Sniff. Enjoy:

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1. The Avalanches: “A Cowboy Overflow of the Heart (f/ David Berman)”

2. Swans: “The Seer Returns”

3. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan: “Lamia”

4. The Cyrillic Typewriter: “Paris Churchyard (f/ Dan Bejar)”

5. Flying Lotus: “See Thru to U (f/ Erykah Badu)”

6. .L.W.H.: “MEDUS6SA (f/ Friendzone)”

7. Jessie Ware: “Running (Disclosure remix)”

8. The Gaslamp Killer: “Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun (f/ Dimlite)”

9. Mount Eerie: “Ocean Roar”

10. Grand Salvo: “she quietly makes her way down the stairs as he rummages away in the room”

  • (34:41 – 34:59)
  • from Slay Me in My Sleep (Preservation; 2012)
  • grandsalvo.com

11. How to Dress Well: “Cold Nites”

12. Hauschka: “Cube (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer remix)”

  • (38:31 – 46:26)
  • from Salon des Amateurs Remixes (Fat Cat; 2012)
  • hauschka-net.de

13. Moonface: “Faraway Lightning”

  • (46:27 – 51:09)
  • from With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar; 2012)
  • moonface.ca