RZA's The Wu-Tang Manual

There’s this one beat, four tracks into Liquid Swords, that simply shouldn’t exist within this time-space continuum. Over a down-and-up-again... Aug 25, 2005


The Go! Team

CMG's Matt Stephens (CMG): So this is your first full North American tour, right?
The Go! Team's... Aug 20, 2005



I'm always uncomfortable writing about Olympia. This hasn't stopped me, of course, nor has it stayed my usual smug... Aug 05, 2005


Buck 65

CMG's Aaron Newell (CMG): So, Biz Markie jacked one of your beats once.

Buck 65 (B65):
Yes.... Jul 25, 2005


Bruce Springsteen

“But, you know, an E Street Band show is in many ways just the greatest party on earth, like 20,000... Jul 21, 2005


Jim Guthrie

CMG's Aaron Newell randomly e-mails little-known Canadian pop megastars and prays they’ll respond. On a day when he had nothing... Jul 20, 2005