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By Scott Reid | 2 January 2014

Art: Daehyun Kim / The Library of Babel, Rice+Lipka Architects

I want to stress up front that is not a “best of” our Fantasy Podcasts, or our attempt to definitively declare the GREATEST COVERS EVER. This is not our Ultimate L.A. Guns or 20th Century Masters: Nelson. In fact, a lot of the more recognizable names to take part over the years—Flying Lotus, Julianna Barwick, Menomena’s Danny Seim, Deer Tick, Majical Cloudz, Max Tundra, Wye Oak, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Jenny Hval—aren’t included here. Neither is Shugo Tokumaru’s cover of “Young Folks,” the series’ only successful single in Japan (…and also outside of Japan). The immensely talented David Thomas Broughton has submitted six covers to us, none of which you’ll hear below. You may be wondering what this compilation is supposed to be, exactly.

Each of these nineteen songs—two from each Fantasy Podcast, roughly, plus the Acorn’s “Good Enough 4 the Goonies,” via a Dave Ritter CMGcast from 2008—were chosen because they happen to flow really damn well together as a stand-alone mix. That’s…pretty much it. A lot of great music isn’t included here, which is bound to happen when you’re dealing with nearly ten hours of source material—but then all that source material is the reason something like this comp is overdue. Here is as good, and grossly incomplete, an overview of our Fantasy Podcasts as any 70 minutes can offer:


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1. Marissa Nadler f/ Black Hole Infinity: “Clairaudients (Kill or Be Killed)”

2. Rich Aucoin: “Human After All”

3. Azeda Booth: “Bridges & Balloons”

4. The Marches: “Cold Shoulder”

5. Dozens: “Birthday”

6. Jessica Jalbert: “Swingin’ Party”

7. Bambara: “Modern Love”

8. Sharon Van Etten f/ Jeffrey Kish: “Flirted With You All My Life”

9. Ned Collette & Wirewalker: “Come On Let’s Go”

10. Roommate: “Lights Out”


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1. The Main Drag: “All My Friends”

2. Conquering Animal Sound: “Cloudbusting”

3. Dokkemand f/ Lars Wilk: “Deadlock”

4. The Hood Internet: “Decalogue”

  • (13:48- 19:56)
  • Fantasy Covers – The 2000s, Part One
  • featuring, in order: 2000 – Dr. Dre vs Radiohead; 2001 – Missy Elliott vs Daft Punk; 2002 – Ludacris vs The New Pornographers; 2003 – Kelis vs The Rapture; 2004 – Twista f/ Kanye West vs Arcade Fire; 2005 – Three Six Mafia vs Sufjan Stevens; 2006 – T.I. vs Peter Bjorn and John; 2007 – Rich Boy vs LCD Soundsystem; 2008 – Lil Wayne vs Hot Chip; 2009 – Jay Sean vs Phoenix
  • thehoodinternet.com

5. Cadence Weapon: “Mini TVs Too”

6. The Red Giants: “Stay Away (Be Easy)”

7. .L.W.H.: “Plainsong (Plaintrap)”

8. Friendzone: “L.R.C.”

9. The Acorn: “Good Enough 4 the Goonies”