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Writing Around Music: The Longlist

By The Staff | 13 December 2022

So, uh. Hello again, Glow fam.

It’s been a while now since CMG shuttered, and although at one point we did almost return for the sole purpose of publishing a screenplay about Guns N’ Roses (true story), it’s been a mostly quiet seven years at our staff’s retirement mansion.

I say mostly because it hasn’t just been a blur of bocce tournaments and daily polishing of our estate’s many elaborate, hand-carved banisters. That is a large part of our life now as retired music writers, of course, but we wouldn’t be updating the site in 2022 if we didn’t have some big non-bocce news to announce. It brings us great joy to be able to finally share something that has been kicking around in different forms since 2016 and is now a real thing you can hold: a CMG book!

Writing Around Music 2005-2015, published by Archway Editions and distributed by Simon & Schuster, is out today, December 13th. Check this beauty out, with Dom’s Blu-ray copy of Top Gun: Maverick for scale:

Edited by and featuring a new introductory essay from Clayton Purdom, Writing Around Music covers a decade’s worth of writing from the site, from articles and record/track reviews to collections of our old site slogans and fake Weeknd lyrics. (See page 210 for what we’re going to go ahead and assume is the year’s only published use of the phrase “my spermtroopers be Hoth-in.” Apologies to Nicholas Sparks if he got to it first.) You find more information about the book here, including a nifty search for local stores that carry or can order it.

Unfortunately, on account of the publisher not understanding our vision for a ten-volume, 4000 page collection, or even a single tome the size of an actual coke machine, most of the writing considered for Writing Around Music was inevitably cut. Below you can find the full longlist, a much more representative sampling of greatest hits from the site’s several eras. At the very end we’ve also included our only posthumous staff list: the Top Albums of the 2010s. The Top 20 was originally posted to our Twitter account in December of 2019; for Twitter-related reasons we probably don’t have to get into, we’ve included the full thing here for posterity.

If you’re looking for a slightly more specific place to start, try our Top 100 Albums of the 2000s list. Perhaps while listening to this compilation of tracks from our Fantasy Covers series, in which some of our favourite artists graciously covered their favourites. In any case, feel free to loop that blessed Friendzone version of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” for eternity, or at least until you’re done diving into this longlist and remembering that the Glow’s house style really always was, as Clay puts it, “too much.” And how:


INTERVIEW / The Unicorns [Amir Karim Nezar & Todd Aman]

RECORD / The Constantines :: The Constantines [Amir Karim Nezar]

RECORD / The Beach Boys :: Smiley Smile [Scott Reid]

INTERVIEW / Ian MacKaye [Peter Hepburn]

RECORD / Dungen :: Ta Det Lugnt [Aaron Newell & Jan Chandra]

RECORD / Subtle :: A New White [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Can :: Monster Movie / Soundtracks / Tago Mago / Ege Bamyasi (Reissues) [Aaron Newell]


RECORD / Buck 65 :: This Right Here is Buck 65 [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Edan :: Beauty and the Beat [Aaron Newell & Chet Betz]

RECORD / The Mountain Goats :: The Sunset Tree [Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / Mike Jones :: Who is Mike Jones? [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Russian Futurists :: Our Thickness [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Tiger Bear Wolf :: Tiger Bear Wolf [Amir Karim Nezar]

RECORD / Pernice Brothers :: Discover A Lovelier You [Scott Reid]

INTERVIEW / Edan [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Controller 7 :: Bumps (Mixtape) [Clayton Purdom]

INTERVIEW / Buck 65 [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Dust From 1000 Years :: Dust From 1000 Years [Peter Hepburn]

CMG IS 3! / / The Timeline of a Cokemachineglow Record Review [Christopher Alexander]

FESTIVAL / Arthurfest, Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 [David Greenwald]

RECORD / Wolf Parade :: Apologies to the Queen Mary [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Deerhoof :: The Runners Four [Sean Ford]

RECORD / Silver Jews :: Tanglewood Numbers [Peter Hepburn]

INTERVIEW / David Berman (Silver Jews) [Peter Hepburn]

RECORD / Wolf Parade :: Apologies to the Queen Mary (Counterpoint) [Christopher Alexander]

INTERVIEW / Phil Elvrum [Dom Sinacola]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 8 Uses of Handclaps in Pop Music [Staff]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 7 Brief and Spitefully Expressed Occurences of Visceral Disappointment [Staff]


RECORD / Seu Jorge :: The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions [David Greenwald & David Bowie]

RECORD / Destroyer :: Destroyer’s Rubies [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Destroyer :: Destroyer’s Rubies (Counterpoint) [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Neko Case :: Fox Confessor Brings the Flood [Scott Reid]

RECORD / Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Show Your Bones [Sean Ford]

ARTICLE / The Other Side of Mt. Thundergg [Thundermark Abraham & Thunderdom Sinacola]

RECORD / The Fiery Furnaces :: Bitter Tea [Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / Danielson :: Ships [Dom Sinacola]

INTERVIEW / Rose Melberg [David Greenwald]

INTERVIEW / The Danielson X-perience Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 [Edgar White]

RECORD / Magic Markers :: A Panegyric to the Things I Do Not Understand [Mark Abraham]

FESTIVAL / Bonnaroo 2006, Pt. 1: The Unwashed Weekend: Hippies At Bonnaroo [Clayton Purdom]

ARTICLE / Bedding the ‘Sellout’ [Conrad Amenta]

FESTIVAL / And Pitchfork Brought Us Together [Mark Abraham, Conrad Amenta, Chet Betz, Peter Hepburn, Dom Sinacola, & Edgar White]

ARTICLE / Retconning / I : Minimalism [Mark Abraham]
              > Retconning archive

INTERVIEW / The Pipettes [Alan Baban]

RECORD + INTERVIEW / The Hidden Cameras :: AWOO [Scott Reid]

RECORD / Chad VanGaalen :: Skelliconnection [Scott Reid & Aaron Newell]

RECORD / OOIOO :: Taiga [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / Subtle :: For Hero : For Fool [Aaron Newell & Chet Betz]

RECORD / Califone :: Roots & Crowns [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Clipse :: Hell Hath No Fury [Clayton Purdom, Chet Betz & Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / Neil Young :: Live at Fillmore East 1970 [Christopher Alexander]


RECORD / Shining :: Grindstone [Mark Abraham]

FESTIVAL / Stealing the Picasso: The Accelerator and Benicàssim Festivals [Alan Baban]

INTERVIEW / Okkervil River’s Will Sheff [Aaron Newell]

RECORD / Dirty Projectors :: Rise Above [Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / Frog Eyes :: Tears of the Valedictorian [Dom Sinacola & Scott Reid]

INTERVIEW / Frog Eyes [Dom Sinacola]

RECORD / Jessica Rylan :: Interior Designs [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / Gnarls Barkley :: St. Elsewhere [Craig Eley]

RECORD / William Basinski :: Variations for Piano and Tape [Craig Eley]

HATEBAG / Hatebag, Vol. 1

INTERVIEW / Pharoahe Monch [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / The Flaming Lips :: At War With the Mystics [Dom Sinacola & Matt Stephens]

RECORD / Mars Volta :: Amputechture [Eric Sams]

RECORD / 50 Cent :: Curtis [Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson]

RECORD / Animal Collective :: Strawberry Jam [Jessica Faulds]

ARTICLE / American Gray Space [Andre Perry]

RECORD / Sebadoh :: The Freed Man (Reissue) [Philip Guppy]

RECORD / Radiohead :: In Rainbows [Clayton Purdom & Alan Baban]

RECORD / Radiohead :: In Rainbows (Counterpoint) [Chet Betz & Joel Elliott]

ARTICLE / This Scene Is Killing Me: An Evening With Rock Kills Kid And Other Fine Individuals Such As Myself [Andre Perry]


RECORD / Muse :: Black Holes & Revelations [Alan Baban]

RECORD / Supersilent :: 8 [Joel Elliott]

TRACK / R. Kelly f/ T-Pain :: “I’m A Flirt” [Eric Sams]

TRACK / Counting Crows :: “1492”/“When I Dream of Michelangelo”/“You Can’t Count on Me” [Craig Eley]

RECORD / The Duke Spirit :: Neptune [Danny Roca]

RECORD / Spoon :: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / Erykah Badu :: New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Kingdom Shore :: …and all the dogs to shark [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / Protest the Hero :: Fortress [Mark Abraham]

TRACK / Weezer :: “Porn and Beans” [David Ritter]

RECORD / HILOTRONS :: Happymatic [David Ritter]

RECORD / Ellen Allien :: Sool [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / No Age :: Nouns [Alan Baban]

RECORD / Wolf Parade :: At Mount Zoomer [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / Weezer :: Weezer [Clayton Purdom & Alan Baban]

RECORD / Invincible :: Shapeshifters [Mark Abraham]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 30 ‘Other’ Albums of the 1960s [Staff]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Future KISS Merchandise [Staff]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 22 Pictures of Mike Love Looking Like a Douche [Staff]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 60 Minutes (and Worst 5 Songs) of Use Your Illusion [Christopher Alexander]

LISTRAVAGANZA / Top 10 Favorite Quotes from Nirvana’s In Utero Recording Sessions [Scott Reid]

RECORD / Girl Talk :: Feed the Animals [David Abravanel]

RECORD / The Hospitals :: Hairdryer Peace [Alan Baban]

FESTIVAL / A Few Notes On My Continued Press Accreditation to the Pitchfork Music Festival, or, Holy Fuck, Everyone Actually is a Critic [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Happy Band of Japan :: Allotment [Danny Roca]

RECORD / Azeda Booth :: In Flesh Tones [Chet Betz]


RECORD / Mercury Rev :: Snowflake Midnight [David Abravanel]

RECORD / Group Inerane :: Guitars From Agadez (Music of Niger) (Reissue) [Peter Holslin]

RECORD / Noah23 :: Rock Paper Scissors [Chet Betz]

FESTIVAL / Outside Lands 2008 [Andre Perry]

RECORD / A Guy Named Gerald :: Black Secret Technology (Reissue) [David Abravanel]

RECORD / Max Tundra :: Parallax Error Beheads You [Traviss Cassidy]

RECORD / Fucked Up :: The Chemistry of Common Life [Clayton Purdom & David Abravanel]

RECORD / Gang Gang Dance :: Saint Dymphna [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / Black Milk :: Tronic [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Of Montreal :: Skeletal Lamping (Counterpoint) [Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / Ricardo Villalobos :: Vasco [Peter Holslin]

RECORD / Fall Out Boy :: Folie à Deux [Dom Sinacola]

AWARD / The Beanie Sigel Award for Mainstream Rap Album that Only I (and maybe Colin) Truly Understand [Clayton Purdom]


RECORD / Southeast Engine :: From the Forest to the Sea [Eric Sams]

RECORD / Beastie Boys :: Paul’s Boutique (20th Anniversary Edition) [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Eat Skull :: Wild and Inside [Alan Baban]

RECORD / Eddy Current Suppression Ring :: Primary Colours [Alan Baban]

RECORD / Los Llamarada :: Take the Sky [Alan Baban]

RECORD / MSTRKRFT :: Fist of God [Calum Marsh]

RECORD / Harlem Shakes :: Technicolor Health [Alan Baban]

RECORD / DOOM :: Born Like This [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Asher Roth :: Asleep in the Bread Aisle [Colin McGowan]

RECORD / Wilco :: Wilco (The Album) [Clayton Purdom]

FESTIVAL / Bonnaroo 2009, Pt. 1: Unreal Drugs & the Death of Bruce Springsteen [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Sunset Rubdown :: Dragonslayer [Dom Sinacola & Calum Marsh]

FESTIVAL / Bonnaroo 2009, Pt. 2: The Springsteen-Reznor Contrast [Eric Sams]

RECORD / Moritz Von Oswald Trio :: Vertical Ascent [Peter Holslin]

FESTIVAL / Things We Yelled At Ourselves [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / WHY? :: Eskimo Snow [Colin McGowan]

RECORD / Manic Street Preachers :: Journal for Plague Lovers [David M. Goldstein]

RECORD / Drake :: So Far Gone (Mixtape) [Clayton Purdom]


RECORD / Vic Chesnutt :: Skitter on Take-Off / At the Cut [Christopher Alexander]

TRACK / Joanna Newsom :: “Good Intentions Paving Company” [Sam Donksy]

DECADE-END / Top 100 Albums of the 2000s [Staff]

ARTICLE / Ballpark Tunage [David M. Goldstein]

TRACK / Dark Dark Dark :: “Bright Bright Bright” [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / Joanna Newsom :: Have One On Me [David Greenwald]

RECORD / Frog Eyes :: Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph [Chet Betz & Dom Sinacola]

RECORD / Grimes :: Geidi Primes [Jessica Faulds]

RECORD / LCD Soundsystem :: This is Happening [Mark Abraham]

RECORD / Future Islands :: In Evening Air [Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / Yellow Swans :: Going Places [Joel Elliott]

RECORD / Drake :: Thank Me Later [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Christina Aguilera :: Bionic [Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / Deer Tick :: The Black Dirt Sessions [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / Drake :: Thank Me Later (Counterpoint) [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Deftones :: Diamond Eyes [Scott Reid]

RECORD / Das Racist :: Shut Up, Dude (Mixtape) [Chris Molnar]

FESTIVAL / CMG’s Guide to the Pitchfork Music Festival [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Dom :: Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (EP) [Dom Sinacola]

RECORD / Carissa’s Wierd :: They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / The-Dream :: Love King [Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / The Books :: The Way Out [Dom Sinacola]

INTERVIEW / Mindy Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine [Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / Starflyer 59 :: The Changing of the Guard [Chris Molnar]

RECORD / The Walkmen :: Lisbon [Andre Perry]

RECORD / Swans :: My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky [Joel Elliott]

RECORD / Women :: Public Strain [Chet Betz & Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / Deerhunter :: Halcyon Digest [Alan Baban]

RECORD / Sufjan Stevens :: The Age of Adz [Calum Marsh]

RECORD / Sufjan Stevens :: The Age of Adz (Counterpoint) [Dom Sinacola]

YEAR-END / 29. Waka Flocka Flame :: Flockaveli [Chris Molnar]


RECORD / Destroyer :: Kaputt [Alan Baban]

CONCERT / Dismemberment Plan [Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / PJ Harvey :: Let England Shake [Conrad Amenta]

TRACK / The Strokes :: “Under the Cover of Darkness” [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Lykke Li :: Wounded Rhymes [Lindsay Zoladz]

CONCERT / Jonathan Richman [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Colin Stetson :: New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges [Joel Elliott]

RECORD / Burial :: Street Halo (EP) [George Bass]

SNARKING LOT / We Didn’t Care: A Decade of Not Giving a Shit About LCD Soundsystem [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / Bill Callahan :: Apocalypse [Lindsay Zoladz]

RECORD / Okkervil River :: I Am Very Far [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / Fleet Foxes :: Helplessness Blues [David M. Goldstein]

RECORD / Miracle Fortress :: Was I the Wave? [Jessica Faulds]

RECORD / Wild Beasts :: Smother [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / WU LYF :: Go Tell Fire to the Mountain [David M. Goldstein]

RECORD / Old 97’s :: The Grand Theatre Volume 2 [Maura McAndrew]

ARTICLE / Jericho / I :: Unwanted Sound [Joel Elliott] /
              > Jericho archive

RECORD / EMA :: Past Life Martyred Saints [Jessica Faulds]

RECORD / Jenny Hval :: Viscera [Joel Elliott]

FESTIVAL / I Did Not Have Fun: Lollapalooza 2011 [Colin McGowan]

RECORD / Danny Brown :: XXX [Chet Betz]

RECORD / .L.W.H. :: The Tape Hiss Hooligan [Chet Betz]

ARTICLE / My Chain Heavy [Colin McGowan]

RECORD / François Couturier :: Tarkovsky Quartet [Joel Elliott]

RECORD / Talk Talk :: Laughing Stock (Reissue) [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Blackout Beach :: Fuck Death [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / Oneohtrix Point Never :: Replica [P.M. Goerner]

RECORD / Drake :: Take Care (Counterpoint) [Calum Marsh]

RECORD / Summer Camp / Los Campesinos! :: Welcome to Condale / Hello Sadness [Brian Riewer]

RECORD / Limes :: Tarantula Plus Blue Blood (Reissue) [Maura McAndrew]

YEAR-END / 4. Jenny Hval :: Viscera [Mark Abraham]

YEAR-END / 1. Shabazz Palaces :: Black Up [Clayton Purdom]


ARTICLE / A Physical Problem: The CBC Dismantles Its Archives [Calum Marsh]

RECORD / Shearwater :: Animal Joy [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / of Montreal :: Paralytic Stalks [Dom Sinacola & Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / Julia Holter :: Ekstasis [Jordan Cronk & Brent Ables]

RECORD / Big K.R.I.T. :: 4eva N A Day (Mixtape) [Brian Riewer]

RECORD / ScHoolboy Q :: Habits & Contradictions [Kaylen Hann]

RECORD / Gotye :: Making Mirrors [Christopher Alexander]

RECORD / The Chromatics :: Kill for Love [P.M. Goerner]

ARTICLE / Adam Yauch is Dead [Colin McGowan & Clayton Purdom]

RECORD / Pop Winds :: Earth to Friend [Calum Marsh]

RECORD / Friendzone :: Collection 1 Mixtape [Brent Ables]

CONCERT / The Weeknd [Dom Sinacola]

RECORD / Shackleton :: The Drawbar Organ / Music for the Quiet Hour [P.M. Goerner]

CONCERT / Observations from a Day Spent Following Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s Tour of Washington State [Andrew Hall]

RECORD / Fiona Apple :: The Idler Wheel… [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Mount Eerie :: Clear Moon [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Godspeed You! Black Emperor :: Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / The Flatlanders :: The Odessa Tapes [Maura McAndrew]

YEAR-END / 1. Swans :: The Seer [Christopher Alexander]


RECORD / Yo La Tengo :: Fade [David M. Goldstein]

RECORD / My Bloody Valentine :: m b v [Joel Elliott]

RECORD / The Strokes :: Comedown Machine [David M. Goldstein]

RECORD / Jenny Hval / The Knife :: Innocence is Kinky / Shaking the Habitual [Conrad Amenta]

RECORD / Vampire Weekend :: Modern Vampires of the City [Andrew Hall]

RECORD / Kanye West :: Yeezus [Brent Ables]

RECORD / Majical Cloudz :: Impersonator [Conrad Amenta]

ARTICLE / A House Full of Pain: How the Greatest Punk Album of the ’70s Was Made by Pink Floyd [Brent Ables]

RECORD / Julia Brown :: To Be Close to You [Jordan Cronk]

RECORD / Bill Callahan :: Dream River [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Califone :: Stitches [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Frog Eyes :: Carey’s Cold Spring [Conrad Amenta]

ARTICLE / On the Establishment’s History of the Dismemberment Plan and the Methodology, Such as it is, of Livetweeting an Album [Christopher Alexander]

AWARD / The “HAAOW, SWAY!?!?” Award for Theatricality in Crybabying [Colin McGowan]

YEAR-END / 1. Frog Eyes :: Carey’s Cold Spring [Brent Ables]


INTERVIEW / Giorgio Moroder [Jordan Cronk]

RECORD / The War on Drugs :: Lost in the Dream [Conrad Amenta]

ARTICLE / What Comes After the Blues? [Robin Smith]

ARTICLE / A Few Thoughts on Nirvana’s Induction Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [Conrad Amenta]

ARTICLE / It’s Just Rock ‘n’ Roll: Thoughts on the 20th Anniversary of Definitely Maybe [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / What Moon Things :: What Moon Things [Chet Betz]

FESTIVAL / A Trip to 4Knots, or: Corey, Adam, and Kaylen Get Drunk on a Pirate Ship [Corey Beasley, Kaylen Hann, & Adam Downer]

RECORD / Alvvays :: Alvvays [Corey Beasley]

INTERVIEW + CONCERT / XxEmoLivesxX: An Interview with Mineral and a Live Review, Too [Corey Beasley]

RECORD / Thom Yorke :: Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes [Adam Downer]

RECORD / Hundred Waters :: The Moon Rang Like a Bell [Joel Elliott]

INTERVIEW / This Heart’s on Fire: A Career-Spanning Interview with Dan Boeckner [Corey Beasley]

ARTICLE / Time Washes Away Everything: A Dirty Beaches Retrospective [Robin Smith]

RECORD / Ty Segall :: Manipulator [Alan Baban]

UNISON/HARMONY / Run the Jewels :: Run the Jewels 2 [Corey Beasley & Kaylen Hann]

UNISON/HARMONY / Flying Lotus :: You’re Dead! [Kaylen Hann]

UNISON/HARMONY / Ian William Craig :: A Turn of Breath [Robin Smith]


RECORD / t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 :: 向かい合って [Adam Downer]

INTERVIEW / Ian William Craig [Robin Smith]

INTERVIEW / To Hell with Good Intentions: An Interview with Andrew Falkous [Corey Beasley]

RECORD / Drake :: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (Mixtape) [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Mount Eerie :: Sauna [Adam Downer]

RECORD / Modest Mouse :: Strangers to Ourselves [Corey Beasley]

RECORD / Kendrick Lamar :: To Pimp A Butterfly [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Sufjan Stevens :: Carrie & Lowell [Robin Smith]

TRACK / Jack Ü (Skrillex and Diplo): “Where Are Ü Now (f/ Justin Bieber)” [Corey Beasley]

RECORD / The Mountain Goats :: Beat the Champ [Robin Smith]

RECORD / Kenny Knight :: Crossroads (Reissue) [Maura McAndrew]

RECORD / Jenny Hval :: Apocalypse, girl [Brent Ables]

RECORD / Vince Staples / Boogie :: Summertime ’06 / The Reach [Chet Betz]

RECORD / Carly Rae Jepsen :: E•MO•TION [Adam Downer]

ARTICLE / Reconsidering My Choir: A Non-Defense of The Fiery Furnaces [Brent Ables]

ARTICLE / The Ballad of Swan Lake [Brent Ables]

RECORD / Grimes :: Art Angels [Christopher Alexander]

UNISON/HARMONY / Kamasi Washington :: The Epic [Joel Elliott]

UNISON/HARMONY / Frog Eyes :: Pickpocket’s Locket [Robin Smith]

UNISON/HARMONY / Jamie xx :: In Colour [Chet Betz]



On December 30th we posted our Top 20 Albums of the 2010s on Twitter. Below is our full Top 50, as voted on by over twenty CMG writers:

1. Women :: Public Strain (Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar; 2010)
2. Kendrick Lamar :: good kid, m.A.A.d city (Top Dawg Entertainment; 2012)
3. Danny Brown :: XXX (Fool’s Gold; 2011)
4. Grimes :: Visions (Arbutus/4AD; 2012)
5. Frog Eyes :: Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph (Dead Oceans; 2010)

6. Kanye West :: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Def Jam; 2010)
7. Jenny Hval :: Viscera (Rune Grammofon; 2011)
8. Swans :: The Seer (Young God; 2012)
9. Mount Eerie :: A Crow Looked at Me (P. W. Elverum & Sun Ltd.; 2017)
10. Shabazz Palaces :: Black Up (Sub Pop; 2011)

11. Frank Ocean :: Blonde (Boys Don’t Cry; 2016)
12. Beach House :: Teen Dream (Sub Pop; 2010)
13. Destroyer :: Kaputt (Merge; 2011)
14. Angel Olsen :: My Woman (Jagjaguwar; 2016)
15. D’Angelo and the Vanguard :: Black Messiah (RCA; 2014)

16. Carly Rae Jepsen :: E•MO•TION (604/Schoolboy/Interscope; 2015)
17. Viet Cong (Preoccupations) :: Viet Cong (Flemish Eye/Jagjaguwar; 2015)
18. Future :: Pluto (A1/Freebandz/Epic; 2012)
19. Fiona Apple :: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do (Clean Slate/Epic; 2012)
20. Friendzone :: Collection 1 (Self-released; 2012)

21. Low :: Double Negative (Sub Pop; 2018)
22. Oneohtrix Point Never :: Replica (Mexican Summer/Software; 2011)
23. Flying Lotus :: Cosmogramma (Warp; 2010)
24. Robyn :: Body Talk (Konichiwa; 2010)
25. The Hotelier :: Goodness (Tiny Engines; 2016)

26. Julia Holter :: Have You In My Wilderness (Domino; 2015)
27. EMA :: Past Life Martyred Saints (Souterrain Transmissions; 2011)
28. SZA :: Ctrl (Top Dawg Entertainment; 2017)
29. The National :: Trouble Will Find Me (4AD; 2013)
30. Majical Cloudz :: Impersonator (Matador; 2013)

31. Lorde :: Melodrama (Lava; 2017)
32. Moonface :: This One​’​s for the Dancer & This One​’​s for the Dancer​’​s Bouquet (Jagjaguwar; 2018)
33. Main Attrakionz :: 808s & Dark Grapes II (Mishka; 2011)
34. Waxahatchee :: Cerulean Salt (Don Giovanni; 2013)
35. The Weeknd :: House of Balloons (Self-released; 2011)

36. Solange :: A Seat at the Table (Saint/Columbia; 2016)
37. War on Drugs :: Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian; 2014)
38. Vince Staples :: Summertime 06 (Def Jam; 2015)
39. Sophie :: Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides (MSMSMSM/Future Classic/Transgressive; 2018)
40. Califone :: Stitches (Dead Ocean; 2013)

41. .L.W.H. :: The Tape Hiss Hooligan (Green Ova Undergrounds; 2011)
42. Burial :: Rival Dealer EP (Hyperdub; 2013)
43. Joanna Newsom :: Have One On Me (Drag City; 2010)
44. Tim Hecker :: Ravedeath, 1972 (Kranky; 2011)
45. Beyoncé :: Beyoncé (Parkwood/Columbia; 2013)

46. Colin Stetson :: New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges (Constellation; 2011)
47. Hundred Waters :: The Moon Rang Like a Bell (OWSLA; 2014)
48. FKA Twigs :: LP1 (Young; 2014)
49. Holly Herndon :: Platform (4AD; 2015)
50. Chad VanGaalen :: Diaper Island (Flemish Eye/Sub Pop; 2011)